Temperature Index Module

ISO 4589-3, NES715

The Temperature Index extends the range of the Oxygen Index Module, so that the oxygen index of materials can be measured at elevated temperatures.

Generally, the oxygen index falls as the gas mixture is heated, so work at elevated temperatures supplements work carried out at room temperature.

This new model available from Concept Equipment utilises the very latest control technology. Selection of all variable elements is by easy touchscreen selection and the intelligent system adjusts accordingly.  This differs from most competitive products, where valves need to be adjusted manually, which is a time consuming and tedious task.

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    Specification & Features

    • Simple to use, like the OIM, and utilises easy to read digital displays, indicating the oxygen index directly in % Oxygen, as well as the flow rate in nl/min, column temperature in °C and extensive instrument status
    • A state of the art oxygen transducer, accurate to ±0.1%, is used for measurements
    • A low noise air pump is used to supply air into the test chamber to allow the column temperature to be pre-set, prior to switching over to the oxygen/nitrogen mix for the test run, thus minimising the use of cylinder gases and protecting the heating elements
    • A dual heater system is used to ensure a stable and uniform temperature around the sample
    • The sample heater temperature is displayed on the digital screen.  The system intelligently controls both heaters such that individual adjustment of column and pre-heater temperature on every use, is not required
    • The heated column design allows maximum visual observation of the test
    • The system also monitors the gas to ensure that if the combustion mixture flow fails during a run, the power to the heaters is removed and an alert is displayed
    • The measured sample temperature is achieved using an adjustable temperature probe which can be positioned inside the heated column adjacent to the sample
    • Calibration of the instrument is fully automatic. The “Autocal’’ push button is selected on the display panel and calibration at zero % and maximum range oxygen, is then performed automatically by the instrument, without the necessity of manual ‘trimming’, as with other instruments
    • Ideal for use in quality control applications as well as a tool for the development and analysis of new materials

    Technical Data & Requirements

    Electrical: 230vAC 50Hz / 115V 60Hz

    Operating Temperature: 10°C to 35°C

    Test Temperature: Ambient to 400°C

    Flow: Flow through column adjustable from 0 to 20 nl/min

    Gas Supplies: Oxygen and Nitrogen at 2.6 Bar (38 psi) minimum
    Minimum flow to Oxygen and Nitrogen pipe lines 25 nl/min
    (normally bottled supply with in-line regulator and filter). No other restrictions should be used as this will reduce the flow rates
    Propane at 0.1 – 0.5 Bar

    Oxygen Analyser: Range: 0 to 100% Oxygen
    Repeatability (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen
    Linearity (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen

    Dimensions: 450 mm (W) x 800 mm x (H) x 450 mm (D)

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