Oxygen Index Module

ISO 4589-2, ASTM D 2863, NES 714

The Oxygen Index Module measures the oxygen index (OI, LOI or COI) for a range of samples.

It is simple to use, and utilises an easy to read digital display, indicating the oxygen index directly in % Oxygen, as well as the flow rate in nl/min and the column temperature in °C.

Our instrument utilises the very latest control technology and is extremely easy to use.  For example, selection of oxygen concentration is by simple selection on the touch screen and the oxygen and nitrogen valves are adjusted automatically.  This differs from most competitive products, where the valves need to be adjusted manually, which can be frequently time consuming and a tedious task.  Also, on the front of the module there is a display panel showing instrument status, oxygen concentration, flow rate of gas flowing through the chimney, chimney temperature and lapsed time during the test.  The “Autocal’’ facility is selected on the touch screen display panel and zero and span range calibrations are then performed automatically by the instrument.

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    Specification & Features

    • “Home” system screen with “Run” screen to perform tests using easy to operate touch screen user interface.
    • Digital display showing oxygen concentration, gas flow rate through the chimney, chimney temperature and lapsed time during the test.
    • Oxygen concentration is selected and the instrument adjusts automatically.
    • AutoCal facility calibrates zero and span range totally automatically.
    • Fully automatic gas calibration in approximately one minute.
    • A state of the art, fast response oxygen transducer, accurate to ± 0.1%, is used for measurements.
    • A mineral insulated thermocouple is installed inside the chamber to measure column gas temperature just beneath the sample.
    • Ideal for use in quality control applications, as well as a valuable tool for the development and analysis of new materials.

    Technical Data & Requirements

    • Electrical: 115 Volts AC 60Hz / 230 Volts AC 50Hz Single Phase
    • Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
    • Gas Supplies: Oxygen and Nitrogen (normally bottled supply with in-line regulator and filter). No other restrictions should be used as this will reduce the flow rates.
    • Oxygen Analyser: Range:0 to 100% Oxygen
    • Repeatability (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen
    • Linearity (typical): ± 0.1% Oxygen

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