Horizontal Flammability Test Chamber

FAR Part 25 App F Part I, BSS 7230, FMVSS 302 , ISO 3795, ASTM D 5132

The HFC Horizontal Flammability Test Chamber is used in various areas of fire testing of materials, including FMVSS 302 – Department of Transportation – First ½” depth of materials in occupant compartments of all motor vehicles, ISO 3795, Volkswagen TL 1010, FAA – FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part 1(b)(5) – Some materials used in interior compartments of air planes and Boeing BSS 7230 F3 and F4.

The chamber can also be used for non-certified FAR horizontal flammability testing.

The test commences automatically on specimen insertion. Flame impingement time is adjustable and is programmed into the controller and terminates the test flame at the desired time.  It is adjusted by a simple up and down button. The digital timer records total burning time, which is then used to calculate burn rate.

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    Specification & Features

    • Fabricated from high quality brushed stainless steel
    • Removable front toughened glass window for easy access
    • Removable chamber roof to aid periodic cleaning
    • Stainless steel specimen holder, bespoke stationary burner and also includes suitable flame arrestor
    • Options include various U-frame specimen holders, with or without 0.25 mm diameter wire, for non-supporting samples and a thermocouple c/w digital meter to measure flame temperature
    • Flame mode for pre-test flame stabilisation
    • Bespoke ignition source according to ISO 3795
    • Selectable and automated flame application time
    • Automated start of test by sample insertion
    • Digital timer records total burning time, which is then
      used to calculate burn rate
    • Enables “after flame” and “dripping” timings to be recorded
    • Specimen holder & stationary burner, complete with gas
      pilot tube

    Technical Data & Requirements

    • Electrical: 230 V AC, 50 Hz or 115 V AC 60 Hz Single Phase
    • Methane Gas for burner
    • Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

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