Cone Calorimeter

ISO 5660, BS476 PART 15, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1550, ASTM E 1740, ASTM D 5485, ASTM D 6113, NFPA 271, NFPA 264, CAN ULC 135

The Concept Cone Calorimeter is used for assessing the rate of heat release and smoke production of polymeric and other types of materials. The specimens are generally exposed in the horizontal orientation to controlled levels of irradiance with an ignition probe positioned just above the exposed sample surface. The heat release rate is determined by measurement of the oxygen consumption derived from the oxygen concentration and the flow rate in the combustion product stream. The time to ignition (sustained flaming) is also measured in this test.

The dynamic smoke production rate is calculated from measurement of the attenuation of a laser light beam by the combustion product stream. Smoke obscuration is recorded for the entire test, regardless of whether the specimen is flaming or not.

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    Specification & Features

    • Cone heater assembly CNC machined for precision for uniform irradiances of up to 75Kw/m2
    • High Accuracy Weigh Cell with 0.01 g resolution
    • Spark Ignition and Specimen shield are software and push button actuated, not manual
    • Computerised automated setting of heat flux levels
    • All stainless steel construction of combustion area hood, ducting, orifice plate, ring sampling probe and exhaust blowe
    • Smoke measuring system
      • Helium-neon laser light source
      • Auto calibration and scaling
    • Oxygen analyzer
      • Paramagnetic
      • 0-25% range
    • All stainless steel construction of Hood, ducting, orifice plate, ring sampling probe, and exhaust blower
    • Gas sampling and analysis system
    • CO 2 analyser
      • Non-dispersive infra-red
      • 0-10% range (v/v)
      • CO 2 analyser
      • 0-1.0% range (v/v)
    • Data Calibration and Reporting
    • High Accuracy Data acquisition
    • Minimum Scan rate – 4 scans per second! Fastest on the market
    • Simplified Auto-calibration software
    • Data output in Microsoft Excel workbook
    • User customisation of calculations, graph generation and reporting

    Technical Data & Requirements

    • Electrical: 230 volts 50 Hz Single Phase 32 Amp / 115 volts 60 Hz Single Phase 50 Amp
    • Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
    • Product Dimensions: 2420mm(H) x 2140mm(W) x 700mm(D)

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